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Renting you properties made easier with Livve

How it works

From Getting your flat rental ready to finding a tenant, managing rent payments to complete maintanence everything taken care without any hassles.

List your property

Get it verified by our property manager

Get house ready to rent by our house keeping team

Sign the agreement

Start getting rent

What you get

A Dedicate property manager for your house.

Once the property is active in our website, there will be a dedicated property manager who will handle your house completely. From making sure the house is functional to handling all queries to making sure rents and dues are paid on time. There will be direct contact person for you to take care of your property.


Every Month, the rent is paid to you from LivveHomes without any delays or error. Test transactions from the time your property is onboarded to making sure the rents, maintanence and utility bills are paid on time. We take care of everything.

Free Maintenance and House Upkeep

You will have a ready Housekeeping team at your beck and call always to make sure any issues with the house is taken care of immediately and professionally.


House Insurance for your Furniture and Electricals.

All your furniture and electricals and electronics gets serviced, repaired or replaced on time by our team making sure both the tenant and the house owner gets to livve their lives peacefully without any distrubances.

Complete Peace of mind at all times.

Property Managers, House Keeping Teams, Furniture and Furnishing Teams- make sure any and every hassle you might face is taken care of well ahead and are always available to let you livve a peacefull life in our homes.


Taking posession of a new property for renting?

Get a complete Home inspection done for free by our team

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